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A novel of uncommon heroism in a dark time:

Cover design: Eric Labacz

By Jack A Saarela

Coming in April 2018

Published by Can’t Put It Down Books, Yardley, PA


Felix Kersten and Algot Niska each had his own reason for being an expatriate Finn in Germany as the light was beginning to be diminished in the 1930s. The Nazis were solidifying Europe.

Felix was “recruited” to serve as the personal masseur for the head of the feared and hated para-military Schutzstaffel, better known as the SS, Heinrich Himmler.


Algot was doing what he knew best: smuggling. In this case, smuggling the valuables of wealthy Jews of wealthy Jews out of Germany beyond the acquisitive hands of the Nazis.


By an accident of history, each proceeded to use his strategic position and unique skills to perform acts of uncommon heroism: saving the lives of hundreds of Jews from Nazi persecution and violence, and eventually death in the concentration camps and gas chambers.

The author interweaves actual history and events in the lives of Kersten and Niska with imaginative fiction to create a well-researched and fascinating novel in the inspiring tradition of Schindler’s List and The Zookeeper’s Wife.